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It’s Friday at Wal Mart – Do You Know Where Your Horn Is???

Mavis goaded me in to a Friday afternoon trip to “The Big Dub (W), aka

 the Wal Mart”.  It was really the very last place I wanted to go after work today, but…  Mom guilt…  I did have to get tortillas for enchiladas tonight, how bad could it be?  I guess I’d rather peruse there than Winco.  At least they have fun candles to sniff, and hey, the toilet paper is cheaper.  After the back and forth of trying to find the few things I needed, dodging carts and people in the m i l e

w i d e aisles, then trying to track down Meandering Mavis in jewelry, shoes, and finally make up, we got in the express line and waited patiently while the person ahead of us had their 47 items scanned.  The service was good, and I really didn’t mind waiting.  It just made me laugh, really. Oh, express isn’t busy, awesome! Tick tock tick…..  (insert Social Distortion’s Story of My Life here)
Anyway, we get our stuff, (no you don’t need another chap stick, put it back) and leave.
We are like the polar opposite of Magellan, and try to figure out which row we parked in.  I always like to park in the same row at places, to avoid any confusion, but today it was so crazy there, I came into the row from the Leanne’s Lattes side, not the front of the store.  (Really, now I’m thinking it’s amazing that Mavis and I get anywhere 😂 haha).  Found the car, in the usual row!  We got in, waited for the all clear, no pedestrians, no cars, and I backed out.  Then I stopped to let someone pull into a nearby space.  While I was waiting, a car parked on Mavis’ side started backing out.  I thought, hmmm.  They will stop, surely they see us here.  They kept at it, ahhh!!!  I gave the middle of my steering wheel very purposeful chest compressions, while watching them proceed, and realized, there is no sound, NO SOUND!  They kept coming, and I had to look down at the wheel, like, where is the horn in this dang thing (that I’ve owned for 2 years!)??  On the sides of the wheel, what!?!?  I beeped just in time!
Since when is the middle not a horn?  When did this happen?
If I lived in a big rude city, I may have known where it was, because in big rude cities, people honk for no real reason at all.  I’m thankful that I live in McMinnville, and I was horn blind, because we aren’t rude, impatient, and I’ve never had a reason to toot my own horn before.  I will, however, be beeping for pleasure, down old country bi-ways, the 101, or maybe, for acoustics, the parking garage.  That way I am familiar with the placement of my not-in-the-middle horn.  I encourage you to do the same, because if it’s Friday at Wal Mart, do you know where your horn is?
#tootsforpleasure #findyourhonker

3 comments on “It’s Friday at Wal Mart – Do You Know Where Your Horn Is???

  1. Love rly. 🙂

  2. Wish it WAS Friday

    Uhhhhhh. It’s Wednesday. But that’s the best thing about this story, it was funny, but then made me think, like… really hard.

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