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To the 💚 Tick Talk 

Mancation is upon us. You might be thinking, “Hmm, 🤔 what does this mean, Lacey?”

It means, soon my best friend is leaving the zip code. I hate how uneasy that makes me, but know how much this once-per-year reprieve serves all of us.

It means that even though Mancation has only been “Facebook Official” for the last 6-8 years, in our 22 years together,  it has always been present. It is a time for my husband to recalibrate, and come home centered, strong, and having spent great times outdoors, with great friends.

It means, instead of watching Jimmy Fallon videos tonight, on the patchyo, we are watching tick removal videos. I am squeamish, yet actively interested.

 Shortly, he will be away on Mancation, and the time will tick by slowly! Slower than these disgusting videos. I shall savor each humorous conversation about plucking methods, embrace the restless sleep I’ll have for the next several nights,  and pray for his safe and spiritual time away.

Love you babe.
Tick-talk included. 🤢😂

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