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The Ripple Effect 

Not many people know this, (because I use sunscreen and wear sunglasses religiously, and, well, genes😂). I am turning 40 this year, and many months ago, I deemed this “The Year of Lacey”. Not meaning that this is my year to be spoiled because I am entering a new (pre-hill) decade and need rewarded, because I don’t. It’s because life is short; I am thoughtful, yet painfully timid. I decided that I wanted to try new things, and make a difference, a ripple in the world that may not have been there before.  I made a challenge with myself to step outside of my own little shy Lacey box, and do things that might make me uncomfortable, and to put myself out there a bit more.  

My “Year of Lacey” has been, thus far, very rewarding and enjoyable! (That is really a huge understatement). My 39th year is quite possibly my favorite so far. I am sad it will be over in August. I am the busiest and tired-est that I have been since Mavis was a wee one, yet I am proudly content with who I am.

I am shy, weird, funny, and come with added bonus features like being lousy at housework, horrible at checking voicemail, and non-commital when turning left at a yellow blinking light (or even right on a red, I am a weenie!).

So, I am pretty sure this little 12 month self challenge will evolve into a 24 month, or 48, or 72 month contract.  Or holy cow, a self -discovery “mortgage” with a 30 year 

commitment! 😂😂 I just really love the direction this is taking me.

This year, I often think of 2 things that I have locked in my cranium during my 39.75 years. (Fellow introverts, perk up your little eyes 👀)

#1 – In any crowd or group situation, there is always someone more uncomfortable than you. Find that person and be their comfort! Talk to them! It will make them feel so very relieved, and that, in turn, will give you confidence and extro-verty power! Plus, you’ll make a new friend!

#2 – No one regrets the things they are scared to do WHEN THEY push through and do it anyway. People regret what they were scared to do AND DIDN’T. 

Long story longer, put yourself out there. Make a ripple. You may uncover a wave of difference you didn’t know you could make.

4 comments on “The Ripple Effect 

  1. You go girl!but you didn’t tell us what brace thing you stepped out and did. !!! I want to know😘😘

    • I used an escalator! 😂😂 Just kidding 😉 It isn’t really one specific thing, mostly it’s that I have been putting myself in situations where I need to be less shy, or more brave, or both. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still shy, but I can pretend to not be for a good few hours 😂😂 and have met a lot of nice community members!

  2. Tammy Johnson

    How the heck did you get to be so smart? What a wonderful concept and great article.
    This last year began MY trek into the 50’s (excuse me a moment while finish cringing from the very mention of such a horrendous event).
    Because I knew that the significance of this particular birthday could easily catapult me into the throes of despair if I were to give it the wrong kind of energy.. I decided to keep my thoughts positive and just fully embrace this next phase of life like a boss. And so began one of the worst years I’ve EVER had, lol.
    That’s my luck tho. Things just never play out the way they do in your head. All this great stuff swimming around in there.. thwarted by a series of mindbending, heartwrenching, game-changing, misfortunes.
    Almost all of it beyond my control
    Thankfully I’ve been able to push through and put most behind. And while I can’t exactly say I did a whole lot of embracing throughout the year, I did manage to keep my thoughts and energy positive so that I could move forward and even beyond. A fresh year starts in July and I am definitely ready for change, but in good ways.
    This was rather inspiring. Keep up the good work! (Sorry for writing my own article here, lol).

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