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A Raw Dill

​For anyone out there who is tired of their car trunk smelling of jumper cables, spare tire, and a jack that may or may not be present, I offer this tidbit of random procrastination that has worked in my favor for nearly 10 months.

I bought a bouquet of dill in August,  for pickling Mavis’ 32 jars of jalapenos  (those 32 jars got entirely consumed in less than 3 months, by Mavis herself, the girl loves some spah-cy!). That bouquet of dill sat in my trunk for a solid week of “sowna” hot August trunk weather,  before I realized that it had gone wilty and forgotten, and I ditched it for a freshy from the produce department.

Every time, (for a good 10 months now), since then, when I pop my trunk-olio, I get the most pleasant waft of pickled intentions.

So nix the Febreeze, put your Scentsy order on hold, and pay 3$ for a dill-icious solution to your olfactory woes!

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