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The Wedding Pot

Here she is, I can’t believe I have no photos of something actually cooking in this stellar pot!!

Today is the glorious anniversary of something amazing! Nineteen years ago, after exchanging vows, we gathered with our closest friends and family on my in-laws patio, and opened our gifts.

There were blankets, towels, and a cornucopia of kitchen gadgets that we were too wet behind the ears to even know what to do with. A friend made a list of our matrimonial bounty, and who gave it to us, so that we could send proper thank you cards. Those thank you cards took a few months, and some (what I can only assume was) irritated prodding from my mother in law to get signed, sealed and delivered. For anyone out there who was wondering what took so long, I was most likely trying to figure out how to work our newfangled rice cooker or zester 😉 Fear not, you weren’t the only ones troubled by our procrastination. Anyone who wrote us a check was probably cursing us every month for about the next nine, because we decided to not cash them, but save them for a rainy day. I can hear my Uncle and Aunt’s conversation, “Did that check clear yet, Donna?” “No, darn it!  New rule for weddings, cash or towels only!”

While much of our loot has worn out over the years, there is one treasure that remains as solid as it was nearly two decades ago. We call it the Wedding Pot. Several years back, I really began to appreciate its age and resilience.

This pot has seen us grow so much over the years. It has sat loyally by, warm and bubbling, during our feasts and our famines. We broke it in gently. The first few years mostly using it to boil water for spaghetti or tuna casserole, the only entries in my then-budding recipe repertoire. It has nestled my grandma’s homemade noodle recipe. It’s seen my epic gravy making fails. It’s had various blackened things burnt in the bottom, and survived a few campfires, but always cleans easily after a therapeutic soak. It was even abandoned for a short time in our first apartment dishwasher, along with the rest of the load, when we moved from Newberg to McMinnville. Thankfully we got it back!                                And finally, after many failed attempts, the nice steel bottom has seen a proper roux.

That Wedding Pot has been through a lot, with no signs of weakness nearly twenty years later. A few scratches, the occasional screw of the lid handle, but it’s still solid and sturdy.

I have hunted for that list of who gave us what that day, I think I saw it the last time we moved, but that was over 10 years ago. I want to thank the gifter of this fine vessel! I want them to know that this pot has been loved and used very much! It’s a Williams Sonoma 4 quart all-clad stainless steel CULINARY POWERHOUSE. 

Whoever it’s from, we owe you 19 years of thanks.  And maybe a tuna noodle casserole.

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  1. You can makes story out of ANYTHING!!! Love you very much. You are GOODALL , I mean REALLY!!

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