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Grocery Basket Blindness

Look around next time you’re at the market, you might find some good stuff and a character or two!!

Grocery shopping isn’t one of my favorite activities, and I’m sure you can agree. Between rushing here there and everywhere all week, it really kind of bites that it usually ends up being a weekend activity. The last thing I really feel like doing on the weekend is pushing a germy cart through the ever narrowing aisles of the food library. I could make it a bit easier on myself, if I’d drag my butt out of bed early, but I have to draw the “this is the damn weekend” line somewhere. I usually go at around 3 on a Saturday. This must be peak procrastinator time, because everyone in town seems to be there.

Once I’m in the door and pass by the Starbucks, grocery store blindness sets in. I head around to the usual areas, discounted meat – always great deals there, but opt out of the seafood. A bag of the same old Caesar salad, potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, pasta, sauce, taco stuff, bread, perhaps some tp… I don’t even look around at the neat offerings. I have bland-blinders on. I just hone in on the same crap I have bought every week for the last bajillion years. How boring!  I am in a culinary rut! Same revolving door of Spagetti/Enchiladas/Fried Rice/Tuna Casserole/Tacos/Cereal. (Jhaha just kidding about that one)

Tony, on the other hand, really loves to cook especially from Tasty . He’s always making great new things!! Last week he made a Jalapeño Bacon Cheesecake with a Ritz crust. WOW, that was amazing! Me, I’m more like “ooh, Pillsbury cake mix AND frosting is on sale”.20141221_162856 (2)

It was his request for special ingredients for something he made a while back that alerted me to my failure to see new and exciting things on the supermarket shelves. I was hunting around for whatever it was he needed, and not just making a beeline to my customary goods. I was actually looking at things. There are a lot of enticing things out there! I don’t always have to buy the same juice, there are soooo many juices!!  And olives stuffed with jalapeños and garlic, and my very favorite ginger paste so I no longer have to grate the ginger and pull out the strings…  There are also some great looking pasta sauces, but at $10 a jar, I don’t think I’ll be trying those unless maybe the Pope comes over. Because, you know, if the Pope’s comin’ over, I’d spare no expense on the quality of jarred sauce I would serve him!

Are you stuck in the same grocery groove you’ve been in for too long? Take a look around, the next time you go shopping! Maybe you will find something yummy that you didn’t even know was a thing. If you have any good recipes we should try, post them in the comments!

4 comments on “Grocery Basket Blindness

  1. This hit home. So true. And I think this applies to not just the grocery store, but life. Thank you:)

  2. This really is so true. I realised how stuck my family our in their food ways once I visited home for a little while. I live in Sweden but am originally from the UK and frozen food there seems to be everyone’s best friend. But now I can’t really stand the stuff! I’m so used to trying different things and cooking fresh now and I love it. It is hard to change others habits without coming across as rude but maybe when they visit me in a couple of weeks trying the food we cook will inspire them to try something instead of something from the freezer section!
    – I also love Tasty!

    Happy Blogging! X

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