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Don’t Send a Blonde In To Do a Man’s Job

IMG_5206 [3017328]
I’m no expert, but I think that may be the carburetor!!
Tony’s dad (a builder of fine homes), once asked me to order business cards from the print shop for his business.  He said “Take this coupon, pick a graphic, maybe some tools or a picture of a house, put that on the card”.  So I did that. My blonde self told the printer that tools were a great idea, and Print Shop Guy was kind enough to let me go through the book of pictures and choose just the right one.

The tool graphic that I chose was simple and classic. Classic tools one might use to work on a car. Yes folks, that’s right. Why throw a hammer on an advertisement for a home builder? Wrenches, sockets and screwdrivers really livened up that postage stamp-sized corner of the card – for a man who builds things – with hammers and nails.  I remember him getting his large box back from the printer. It was seriously probably 1000 business cards. He was so considerate, though. What I mean by considerate is that this mistake didn’t occur to me until years later, when I recognized those things I picked are

IMG_5205 [3017329]
Here’s a throwback, Tony wielding…. A hammer?
meant for auto repairs. (No one screws a house together, genius!). My point is, he didn’t make me feel like the bonehead I so clearly was, he didn’t even mention it, that I can recall. Kind of like the time I jammed up their garbage disposal with 4 pounds of potato peels, and he had to dismantle it, after a full day of work. (I am pretty sure there was a wrench involved in that, though!)

He kept those cards and used them for years. I’m guessing they were a great icebreaker for prospective new clients, and he got to explain how bright his daughter-in-law was!! I can feel a few of you out there thinking, aha, so that’s where Mavis gets it! What I’m learning though, is where Tony gets it. Both him and his dad are kind and gracious, and I am blessed to have them, and their quick witted sense of humor, in my life.

6 comments on “Don’t Send a Blonde In To Do a Man’s Job

    • The blonde was me. And I’m actually still blonde, albeit dirty blonde. I’m excited by your accomplishments! We are building a new deck next month! Any expertise from a fellow blondie would be more than appreciated! I have both my crescent and allen wrench at the ready 🙂

      • Yes, I know the blonde was you.

        Here’s what I do. Wear clothes you don’t have to worry about, wear those rubber-dipped gloves that give you better grip and protect you from splinters, and Do. Not. Rush. Anything. Give yourself lots of time to complete your project so when you need to stop and make decisions, you can sit back with a glass of iced tea and really think it through. Don’t forget to take lots of before and after pictures so you can brag on your blog–Ha, ha!

      • Haha! I appreciate some Carhartt! The before is quite hideous… I will document diligently, though! I’ve used the gloves you speak of before. For pulling weeds and sorting crab. Mostly sorting crab, I hate yard work, and love seafood. I’ll keep you posted!

      • Send all spare seafood to my address–Ha, ha! I’ve been in Portland, OR, for over a decade and still haven’t made seafood chowder in the wintertime. A must!

        Those gloves are a life saver. I literally will NOT do anything in the garage or garden without them. I’d buy them buy the box if I could.

        Now I’m thinking about chowder….

      • Me too. Chowder is awesome!!

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