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19 Year Narration, Take 1

20170610_181716This month marks our 19th year of marriage. I thought this may be a fun time to write a daily narration of marital hilarity, or at the very least, marital sincerity.

Tonight, I bring you….


Every new mom who carries to her due date has this. The “Pie in the Sky”, the one date you dream of for 8-ish months, (or whatevermany weeks, I always mess that part up!)

You focus on it so much!! The fact that on that day, you WILL hold your wiggly bundle of joy. ON. THAT. VERY. DAY.

Then, the day comes. And goes. As does the next, and the next. Then, well, hell… Now you’re with your husband in the Taco Bell drive thru at 10pm on a Monday, yelling at him because they don’t have the “little grated cheese” anymore. No, it’s all long and fat and not even melty!!  Then suddenly, your brick-shithouse self is out of the car and walking down the highway. At a very low rate of speed. Sans tacos, or husband. You’re thinking, WTF HAVE I DONE? I appreciate both dinner, and a ride home…. Oh, but then here he comes, and with pretty okay tacos…..  LOVE!!!

I remember complaining to my mother in law, we just wanted our baby to be here! We can’t wait to meet her! SO very tired of waiting… That dear woman said something that haunts me every day. “Honey, enjoy this time. It’s the last time it will be only you two at home.” I wrote that off immediately, thinking she was kerrr-aaay-zee….20151213_152528

Now I quite understand her wisdom. That was her very polite, and “gramma”-tical way of saying, “Girl, after this, you will never have an uninterrupted conversation or worry free night of sleep! For as long as your kids are alive, they keep talking, and you keep worrying….”

Knucks to you, Gramma J….

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  1. Anonymous

    I love it. I remember telling you that. !!! Even back then u had a tiny bit if wisdom. !! Love your adventures in writing. Very well done.

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