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♫ The Best Part of Growing Up ♫

A Father’s Day Tribute

grandpaWhen my husband remembers his Grandpa, there are so many funny stories. He loved just being around him, which is why Grandpas are so great! With Grandpa, everything was an adventure, from digging up “gems” (potatoes), to searching for night crawlers for an early morning fishing trip, and throwing them in an old coffee can. Every mundane activity was almost magical when he was Grandpa’s lil chubby cheeked sidekick.


He spent many a day on the river with that man,
and most times he skunked his old Granddaddy. To the non-anglers out there, this means you caught a fish and your cohort did not, you’ve skunked ’em! Now,  I’m no expert on fishing, but I’m guessing this is more due to the fact that Grandpa was having to untangle the bait from a tree, than it was his freckle faced little buddy out-smarting him on the banks of the river. I’ll just keep that little assumption to my own self.
Tony’s Grandpa has been gone for many years now. After he passed, we were given many of his treasures. There was a coffee can of homemade lead fishing weights, a batch of homemade fishing lures, also in a coffee can. There was actually a whole “man-bench” in the garage, full of old man usefulness, sorted into coffee cans.
It’s this kind of thing that really has me thinking about our generation. Ten years from now, grand-kids will be sorting through hundreds of K-Cups to find one lure and five nails.  Sorry, kids, so sad….

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  1. Great memories for Tony!!

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