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Keep That Magic Alive!!

I rec20151217_093430ently had the privilege of visiting Disneyland, with my daughter, (and husband, Mom, Step-Awesome Dad, and little brother!). Our daughter has been before, with my parents, and we went as a couple, before she was a twinkle in anyone’s eye. We have never gotten to experience this with her. Or as full-grown, mail-checking, bill paying adults, for that matter.

There were some very magical moments!! Unfortunately, along the way, I discovered a bit about myself that I didn’t know. No, I don’t mean that I enjoy fanny-packin… Though, come on, after schlepping fast-passes, tickets, and bus passes, the withering pistachio stash, who doesn’t want a damn fanny-pack?! They should sling those like they do churros! Bazillionaires, they’d be! However, I learned that I am SO OLD, that I have become jaded. My username for so many things has been exactly this- “NotYetJaded”… Yet, now I am!! So ashamed!! I have a lengthy manifest of many an unkempt bathroom. I could spout off about the employee we witnessed who
didn’t practice good or kind magic. It bothers me to know that my mind is no longer innocent. I was seeking out, not necessarily “negative” things, but I do enjoy finding a good training opportunity.

Don’t. Get. Me. Wrong. Or do. I found many an exemplary employee, but that sucks. In the Kingdom of Magic, I don’t want to think of anyone as an employee, doing a job. They are the magic makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams!

Our daughter, though. That girl had the magic in her. Every corn dog? Best corn dog ever!!! Every ride? SO AMAZING!! (Except for maybe Snow Whites Scary Adventure – Sorry Walt, hoping for a little more Happy and a little less Grumpy on that one. Our bad, though, it IS called Scary).20151215_150848

What was most magical, though, was her unconditional love she had for the characters. Every single one she met, she hugged and said in her shy little whispered voice, “I love you.” The ones that she met twice, (ahem… Different shift, if you get what I’m saying…), she would apologize for being quiet or nervous the time before, and they were amazing, even knowing not to offer their autograph, because clearly, “they” had just seen her yesterday!! She was smitten.

We’ve now been home for a few weeks. Tonight I was braiding her hair, and we started talking about French braiding yourself. She said that she really wants to learn how to do that, I lamented, for gd sake, it is SO HARD to do that without being able to see!!! She said, and I quote, “That’s what I have always pictured, you know, Mom? When people go to Paris, they just sit in the streets and learn how to french braid themselves. That’s what I picture France to be.”

Keep the magic in you.

3 comments on “Keep That Magic Alive!!

  1. Carol Jiurney

    That was soooooo awesome!! Love that story.

  2. Josh Lorentzen

    Lacy this is pure magic! You definitely have a way with words. Very witty and well written. Love you!

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