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Good Old Fashioned Family Values?

I am, what you would call, very staunch when it comes to cartoons. I like the Flintstones. That’s about it. I never jumped on the Simpson’s bandwagon, never had any interest in King of the Hill (King of Queens, though, I’m totally there!!). SpongeBob puts me in a space where I’d rather poke out my own eardrums, it’s so whiny and loud and ADD inducing.

Mavis has been experimenting, if you will, with some of the more mature cartoons. I relent, because she IS nearly 17, and if THIS is what makes her feel a little like a grown up, watching crude, animated humor, we are blessed, and I will take it, because there are way worse things out there that teens partake in.

Anywho, let us take a moment to appreciate Family Guy, heeyyyy!

That is some funny stuff! I don’t watch, really, I’m usually doing some sort of meal making or dish washing, but I listen, and it is, surprisingly, really clever, oftentimes grossly inappropriate, but clever!!

Tonight I became completely sold, season 3, episode 4. A delightful mockery of my very favorite play and movie, My Fair Lady!!!!

I suppose this seems so silly, but to see some sort of history and artistic “depth”, made me feel just a little better about deriving actual joy from one of these newfangled cartoon shows.

Now, where ARE those good old fashioned family values?

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